Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 Urban Meyer Nickname Contest

Urban is at it again, this time going after the ever-coveted JC transfers illegally instead of high schoolers.

I'm officially kicking off the 2008 Urban Meyer nickname contest.

I'm going with Rat-Faced Satan, in honor of another coach from the Sunshine State.

Thoughts? Entries?


LizzieOC said...

Really, I'm not sure I'm qualified to come up with any. I think I am participating out of sympathy for the lack of comments on this blog, but here goes. How about Tyson Gator? He has been known to go to great lengths to win.

Seamus said...

If he were Native American, he would be known as "Lies to Young People"

Paul said...

... and if he were latino, he would be El Gran D-bag.